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Dougal 2 years ago
Trump could declare Marshall law in the border states and a national security risk and close the border all together. Mexico was 0 help. They even helped, Pull there funding as well.
Kelrajas 2 years ago
I love all of your movies. Both of you guys are truly sexy and stunning. I've waited this so lengthy!
Voodoozahn 3 years ago
Dojin 2 years ago
naaa….I'm in the 'burning place'.lol.but I believe this is going to change the construct of the Barrier Islands on the coast.maybe create new ones, or destroy old ones.there was a hurricane in the 40s that broke Ocean City MD into two islands.it's how they're formed in the first place.originally a protection to the mainland, till people started building on them.castles in the sand.
Tygorg 3 years ago
I am really looking forward to watching this series. DT is great. Doctor Who and Broadchurch were/are in amazing

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